June 2014 Legislation Session – Advocates helped bill become law that removed prior public regulation and allowed children in foster care/homeless facilities to apply year-round (FTC)

Summer 2014 Primary Election – Advocates’ get out the vote campaign, 5 school board opponents of the program were defeated in Florida

Nov 2014 General Election – Advocates’ get out the vote campaign, 5 Democratic lawmakers/opponents were defeated, and Gov. Rick Scott was re-elected thanks to his support of the FTC scholarship programs

Feb 2015 FSBA Lawsuit Dropped – Advocates convinced FSBA to drop out of the lawsuit against FTC program

Jan 2016 Rally in Tally – Almost 11,000 advocates marched in support of FTC at the Capitol; lawsuit defeated

Jan 2016 Gardiner Scholarship– Advocates helped pass law creating the Gardiner Scholarship Program

March 2016 Duval Charter Renewed – Advocates share stories with Duval County School Board and get four charter school contracts renewed

Nov 2016 - PTA Drops Lawsuit– Advocates convinced PTA to drop of the lawsuit against FTC program

May 2017 HB7069 – Advocates helped pass HB7069 helping both Gardiner and charter school students

March 2018 Daysprings Academy Extension – Dayspring Academy receives 15-year charter renewal

April 2018 Manatee Charter Renewal – Despite facing possible closure, Manatee Charter receives an extension with school improvements

Nov 2018 New Governor Elected – Advocates’ get out the vote campaign, ed choice champion Ron DeSantis is elected

May 2019 Family Empowerment Scholarship– Advocates helped pass law creating the Florida Empowerment Scholarship

May 2019 Approval of Seaside Charter – Advocates wrote op-eds and spoke to the school board about the success of charter schools in Duval County

Jan 2020 Gardiner Rally– Over 500 Gardiner scholarship supporters rally in Tallahassee, ensuring a funding increase of over $40 million

Feb 2020 LGBTQ Response in Tally – Orlando Sentinel attacks scholarship donors over LGBTQ+ issues, how advocates, through the press conference and over 10,000 tweets, emails and FB posts helped to save our scholarship program

March 2020 Improving Family Empowerment Scholarship – Advocates helped pass law improving the Florida Empowerment Scholarship